Sunday, April 25, 2010


Do you eat steamed clams? Or Steamers as we locals call them..usually with a wicked accent. Here is a quick and easy and wicked awesome recipe for them...and warning...they aren't pretty.
Get yourself a couple of pounds of steamed clams...and as with anything you eat...the fresher the better. In a large skillet pour one can of beer...yes, you heard If you don't have a beer..water will do. Chop up a pound of Chorizo and an onion and add them and the clams to the beer.Cover and bring to a boil and in about 5 minutes their done....the clams will be open.
Now get yourself all set up. Put the clams, onions and chorizo in a big serving bowl...get another bowl for the  empty shells. Now take the broth that you boiled the clams in and put that in a small, melt a stick of butter. Here's the fun part...
Take the clam out of the shell and take the slimy neck off the clam...gross I know. Dip the clam in the broth to clean off any sand...dip in the hot butter and eat! Get yourself a big piece of french bread to sop up the broth, onion and chorizo....heaven!

Not my best photography as my  hands were covered in all this deliciousness!!!

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  1. I could eat the entire bowl!! Wicked good recipe!
    ;) xoxo